World premiere of Dalal Midhat song "Never Give Up"


Dalal Midhat has just released her first English-language single "Never Give Up", written by German songwriters Jason Anousheh, Torsten Abrolat and Toni Cottura (Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync producer). Recorded in „Studio Tempo“(Ljubav je, Eurovision 2016), mixed and mastered by Miralem Mandžuka,  „Never give up“ is available on all digital platforms in 256 countries around the world under the „Tempo Production“ label.


The video has been directed by Vedad Jašarević (Ljubav je, Eurovision 2016), with photography by Edvin Kalić, make-up Sanjin Egon, hair style Nermin Bešić, styling Adela Hodžić for A.I. Design and Lindex Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In collaboration with Otvorena mreža Transplant Program, the single is dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Says Dalal: "Since the issue of organ donation in our country has not yet been resolved effectively, we daily testify that patients or members of their families and friends are forced to collect money for very expensive procedures outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, the Open Network (Otvorena mreža) with radio and television program is helping to make their problems visible through the program "Never Give Up", and helping them collect money to be transplanted as soon as possible. Since I have long participated in many humanitarian events in BiH, after I heard a song of the same title, I realized that the power and message are in line with the Open Network program. People who are transplanted through their program appears in the video. I hope to contribute to this project by raising awareness, money and possible necessary changes to existing laws in BiH."

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